Alicia & Matthew

"My husband and I wanted nothing more than an easy, small and less expensive wedding, unfortunately we both come from fairly large families and this was not an option. we thought that doing the decor for our wedding would be no problem we just needed to hire a company to do the chair covers. we attended the bridal fair in town and were quite disapointed by the lack of enthusiasm from the kiosks to promote their buisnesses. just as we were about to leave a man asked us how we were and how our day was going while looking for ideas. his first impression was flawless so we stayed to talk with him. his decor designs were beautiful and up to date. after seeing two other decor kiosks, one being clearly out of style and the other just plain arrogant and pricey, we were so happy to have come across defining decor!

We met with tyler aka: defining decor, and were more than impressed with the ideas he had and soon realized that we were not up for the amount of work involved in decorating for our wedding. we soon worked out the style, which was so easy because of the selection of linens and such that he had. we then worked out a price and we were set! Being in the industry I am, I truly believe that only you know how to do your job right, so I trusted tyler to take my ideas and create something beautiful. we talked back and forth for some time and talked decor and prices and i have to say that he, to the best of his abilities made sure that we could afford our dream wedding!

We then saw a mock table and I was completely blown away, it was more than i ever could have imagined! tyler also created all of the bouquets for the ceremony and once again more than i expected! our wedding was absolutely beautiful, not only in emotion but because of the amazing effort that tyler o'hara made to get to know myself and my husband to make sure that our special day was the perfect day that we were hoping for. On one last note, I work with people on a daily basis and can see a sales person from a mile away. that is why we chose defining decor. tylers honesty and love for what he does shines as bright as the stars and I knew from the minute i met him he was not there for making millions but to make a living on creating the most beautiful wedding a couple could ever ask for"!


Alicia & Matthew

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